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Mission Statement:

Plant The Seed...Add Water, Plenty Of Sunshine And Watch Your Dreams Grow into Reality!

Sunshine Performing Arts is a unique

"Vocal Studio" that is designed to teach Kids/Teens/and Adults the fundamentals of singing and performing.  Whether you love to sing, or act our studio has something for you!  Come learn the fundamentals of singing, while singing some of your favorite songs.  Our extensive repertoire cover the entire music spectrum, from Pop-Rock, R&B-Gospel, Jazz-Hip Hop and everything in between, anyone can learn to sing using our techniques.

Performance opportunities  are available to all students, 



Kids Night Out - See Scheduling Under Events

Winter/Spring Break Camps

Audition Preparation/Acting & Singing

Choosing And Preparing Monologue's 

Karaoke Birthday Parties - Call For Scheduling And Details

Featured Events 

Coming Soon Karaoke Nights For Kids And Adults

We follow all COVID Protocols  which include social distancing in all group classes  (smaller class sizes), temperature check before class, and hand washing to ensure our students and staff stay safe.  

Please do not attend class if you or your child is sick.

Thank You

Upcoming Performance Opportunities
Sing Your Own Solo

Colored Theatre Lights


Claude Debussy

“Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art”